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holiday campervan hire manchester north west england

With an obsession for VW Campers and an eye for impeccable service and detail, it’s of no surprise that we find ourselves sharing our passion with so many others. Sandy joined our family (some would say adopted) in 2012 and restoration began immediately. In 2014, Sandy scooped 3 concours awards including 'Best in Show' and 'Best Interior'. The result, is here today for your enjoyment and our pleasure.

Meeting Demand!

Fast forward to 2016 and our obsession has continued and, due to an overwhelming demand for our Wedding Services, Sandy now has two siblings! Just click on our ‘Meet the other Vehicles’ tab and get to know them better!

But it doesn’t stop there!

A brief family holiday in 2015 took us to Cornwall in a very swish and comfortable new VW T5 Campervan! Another motive lay hidden as you will now discover! Has it changed much since we last did it? Are these modern campervans so much better than the previous retro campervans? So, we packed our buckets and spades and off we went! WE LOVED IT SO MUCH that on our return, we just had to get one! The ‘hidden motive’ plan was hatched!

In just that week we learned so much about ‘modern’ campervan living. Especially with 3 young kids and a dog! ‘If we had one, what would we do differently?’

Well, we’ve gone and done it! We designed our very own VW T5 campervan from the inside out! It was simple! Take a fantastic product to start with, but make it better!

The result is here today for your holiday hire pleasure! Please click on our ‘I Do Campers Holidays’ section to learn all about our posh new campervan, available for your holiday hire today!