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Sandy's Story

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Sandy was born in Germany in 1967. She started life as an SO42 Westfalia Campmobile and set off to start her life in sunny climates of America. Just what happened to her over the next 4 decades is unclear. However, she was discovered in Pennsylvania and exported to the UK in March 2012. She was put into storage and remained there until the end of 2012.

What happened next changed a hobby into a passion. Having been told about her (by a friend who knew a chap who in turn knew another….) we arranged to view her on very cold and wintery December day in a barn in Lancashire. I can honestly say, when the doors opened, my legs wobbled a little, my heart skipped, and the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. It took just two seconds to know she was coming home. It’s funny, these little vans get you and when they do, they don’t let go. I had seen so many on our travels and none had created such an instant impression as Sandy did. She looked sorry for herself with stripped interior, missing glass, dreadful botched welding repairs, dents and rust. She even had a double bed stored on her roof or as the owner put it, insulation for the winter!

We did the deal and in January 2013, she was on her way to Manchester to start the lengthy restoration process, or as we prefer to say, a girly make over! Sandy was stripped right back, including replacing all the floors, chassis parts, side panels, wheel arches and a new nose job. Hollywood treatment some would put it. After being treated to new paint, we started to painstakingly restore her piece by piece, down to every nut and bolt.

Sandy was treated to a brand new engine, gearbox, upgraded Disc Brakes and Independent rear suspension, ensuring a very smooth ride. She will certainly get you to the church on time now! Fresh wiring, glass and chrome work compliment a wonderful 1st class restoration, which we are very proud of and happy to share when ever possible. To finish, a bespoke interior was individually designed and installed with perfection.

Our Journey

“Nobody ever said it was going to be easy…they just promised that it would be worth it”.
They were so right!


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